Memory Lane

Let’s Go Home… & Eat

On the 18th of last month (August) 20 years had passed since driving together with my parents, brother and 2 packed suitcases to Schiphol Airport. Ready to get on flight MP 667 and ready for an exchange year in Miami.

amarinsThere i was, 16 years old, flying for the first time and to be honest not having a clue what i was getting into. But i had a great year. A year filled with so many adventures, lots of ups & unfortunately also some downs. It was a year in which i learned a great deal about myself and life in general. I left as a girl and came back as a young lady.

Miami and the USA still feel like home and with all my photos, my yearbook, a butt load of souvenirs and a heart filled with memories i can remember, enjoy and relive everything of my exchange year. Now it’s not that i think about it every day, at least not anymore. But certain moments can bring back a memory. When i’m reading a blogpost by Zoe* (zoella*), smelling specific smells or when i come across a fellow exchange student.

And when i was reading a post by a fellow former exchanger i started thinking about the things i sometimes really miss. My host families of course, my friends, the climate, the different holidays but also places like Target*, Publix*, The Falls* and the Miami Dade College pool*. That was especially cool when planes would fly over. What an amazing view that was, jet a bit painful when i didn’t realize i needed to turn and i would bump my head! O i can go on and on.

But what i can also miss sometimes are all the food related delish things you can only get in the US (i know you can it via special web shops now, but man don’t get me started on the crazy shipping costs!).


O how i could go for a Dunkin’ Donut* (i read they went belly up) or a Snapple* or a 7-11 slurpee* right now and i would love to have a Chicken Caesar Salad from Tony Roma’s* for diner!


From Left to right; Donkin’Donuts*, License plate, Snapple*, Twizzlers*, Edy’s ice cream*, Chips Ahoy!*, Aunt Jemima syrup*, Hershey’s Chocolate sauce* Tootsie Roll*, Hershey Kisses*, Lifesavers* Tony Roma’s ceasar salad* Miami Palmetto Senior High School*, Twinkies*, Wrigley’s gum*, Rotary Yought Exchange Florida (district 6990)*, Van’s waffles*, Pinecrest Miami

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    Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

    Heel gaaf, en die Dunkin donut had ik ook wel eens willen proberen!! I love it

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