Let It All Go

What music can do with your mood looks somewhat like magic to me. One moment you can be a bit down, but when that one song is being played on the radio, in your playlist or on your tv you can be dancing around the room. Or it can make you relive that special moment, bring a big smile to your face or make you shed a tear (or two).

Here are some songs that ‘move’ me. Teske makes me sway my hips around the room, i ‘sing’ out load with my guilty pleasure Justin B. and Birdy & Rhodes make me think a bit more about life.

I hope you will enjoy these songs as much as i do!!!


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    Monday September 14th, 2015

    Ik herken het helemaal!

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    Vlijtig Liesje

    Tuesday September 15th, 2015

    Muziek doet inderdaad enorm veel voor je humeur en stemming. Sommige muziek luister ik zelfs liever niet omdat ik er helemaal droevig van wordt. Zoals ‘solitaire’.

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