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BoekenOn a couple of different blogs i came across this Reading Habits tag. Super fun for a booklover and since i’m in a reading flow i thought it would be fun to answer the questions!

1. Do you have a special place in your house where you love to read?
I love to read lying in bed or sitting in a nice chair. Curled up under a comforter or a blanket. Which bed or chair it is doesn’t really matter. As long it’s nice and cosy. O and the hammock on my aunt J’s balcony is heavenly.

2. Do you use a bookmarker or a regular piece of paper?
Honestly i don’t often, well you can better say hardly ever read a paper book anymore. But if i do read an actual book, i use whatever is around me. That can be a bookmaker, a postcard or a piece of paper.

3. Can you stop reading whenever you like or do you have to stop at a specific page or chapter?
Preferably i stop at the end of the chapter. But that doesn’t always happen. When i’m in bed at night and i’m tired i do sometimes have stop in the middle. But drawback to that is that when i start again i have to go back to the beginning of the chapter otherwise i have no clue what’s it’s about. Weird right?!

4. Eating or drinking during reading?
No not really. I’m too busy for that haha. 

5. Can you listen to music or watch tv when reading?
Reading is the best in silence. But it’s no problem to me when the tv is on in the background. I easily get lost in a good book. Music is a big no go for me. I love music, but it’s too distracting. And that’s not only during reading, also when i did (do) homework or when writing blogposts.

6. Reading one book at a time or more at the same time?
I’m afraid that if i read more than one book at a time, i lose track. I’m a one book at a time kinda girl!

7. Reading at home or somewhere else?
I can read where i want. At home, on the train, in the park or at a busy pool, i don’t care.

8. Reading out loud or in my head?
Sometimes i catch myself softly reading to myself. But that only happens when i’m reading an English book and only in the beginning of the book. I think my brain needs that language switch thing haha.  

9. Look through or skip pages?
That is such a shame if you do that, but unfortunately i had to do it a couple of times. I was reading the ‘fifty shades*’ series and after sex scene number ‘i don’t know how many’ i thought to myself jea jea i know, skip! 

10. Bend the side of a book or keeping it new and nice?
I don’t mind it if the side of a book is bend. I love books that have wear and tear marks from reading, folded pages not so much.

11. Do you write in books?
Except when i write down from who and when i got the book no pen or pencil will come close to a book. In have seen that someone had made notes in a library book and there even was one that would underline the spellings mistakes and who wrote the correct spelling in the margin. Who does that!?! 

Well these are my reading habits, not very strange i think. Do you have any reading habits that are a bit odd?

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