Let’s start again

IMG_6578My my my, Amarins, your last post was on January first and since then nothing, nopes, nada. What happened girl?!?!

Honestly? Nothing very special. Not that i haven’t thought about Perhappiness, but it has been on the back burner for a while. So many other things have been keeping my brain occupied. Important things but definitely also some unimportant stuff. 

And all those important and not so important things made that i didn’t find the peace and quiet to sit down and get everything (aka my life) in order. What do i really want, what is important for me and what do i need to do to get that calm back in my head and in everything i do? And even though i’m nowhere near to the place i wanna be, i do know that i need to blog. It gives me some sort of and it’s become an outlet. 

That’s why i’m getting back to it, Perhappiness will be revived and my experiences, thoughts and adventures will be turned into words again!


All for One & One for All


Yesterday afternoon we had our first team meet of this season. And to be honest i was nervously excited. How would the newbies on the team do, how would the rest perform, where will the team stand?

For some years we as a team Neptunia ’24 are competing in the D1 league, before that we competed in the C league (4th league of the national Dutch competition). That’s the level we want to return to, but realistically that’s gonna be a very very long shot. As a team we’re small (only 2 or 3 swimmers per age group) especially compared to the teams we compete against. So just as long as the swimmers improve their times and have fun i’m a happy camper and if we maintain our spot in the d1 league we’re doing good.

nepAnd we took a big step towards the maintaining. The meet went well. It went very well. Just about everyone swam a personal best, there was only 1 (1!) disqualification and the relays swam exceptionally well. The girls relay (11- 13 years) was even F***ing great!

I was very happy with all the great results, surely you understand. But what made me even happier was that we were a proper team. From getting the pool ready for the meet to putting away the (backstroke) flags and lane lines. Helping each other, motivating each other and definitely cheering for everyone. With the meet continuing i felt the atmosphere getting better and better, with the grand finally during the last relays. Where the other teams had hardly to none supporters on deck, i did have swimmers next to me. And not just a few, no my Whole team was there sheering and screaming.  And that is so important during a team element in an individual sport. Goose bumps… Team spirit to the Max!

So i’m content and proud on the day after. Can’t wait for the next meet! Until then we’ll practice and prepare for even more pb’s and Neptunia power!

Memory Lane

Let’s Go Home… & Eat

On the 18th of last month (August) 20 years had passed since driving together with my parents, brother and 2 packed suitcases to Schiphol Airport. Ready to get on flight MP 667 and ready for an exchange year in Miami.

amarinsThere i was, 16 years old, flying for the first time and to be honest not having a clue what i was getting into. But i had a great year. A year filled with so many adventures, lots of ups & unfortunately also some downs. It was a year in which i learned a great deal about myself and life in general. I left as a girl and came back as a young lady.

Miami and the USA still feel like home and with all my photos, my yearbook, a butt load of souvenirs and a heart filled with memories i can remember, enjoy and relive everything of my exchange year. Now it’s not that i think about it every day, at least not anymore. But certain moments can bring back a memory. When i’m reading a blogpost by Zoe* (zoella*), smelling specific smells or when i come across a fellow exchange student.

And when i was reading a post by a fellow former exchanger i started thinking about the things i sometimes really miss. My host families of course, my friends, the climate, the different holidays but also places like Target*, Publix*, The Falls* and the Miami Dade College pool*. That was especially cool when planes would fly over. What an amazing view that was, jet a bit painful when i didn’t realize i needed to turn and i would bump my head! O i can go on and on.

But what i can also miss sometimes are all the food related delish things you can only get in the US (i know you can it via special web shops now, but man don’t get me started on the crazy shipping costs!).


O how i could go for a Dunkin’ Donut* (i read they went belly up) or a Snapple* or a 7-11 slurpee* right now and i would love to have a Chicken Caesar Salad from Tony Roma’s* for diner!


From Left to right; Donkin’Donuts*, License plate, Snapple*, Twizzlers*, Edy’s ice cream*, Chips Ahoy!*, Aunt Jemima syrup*, Hershey’s Chocolate sauce* Tootsie Roll*, Hershey Kisses*, Lifesavers* Tony Roma’s ceasar salad* Miami Palmetto Senior High School*, Twinkies*, Wrigley’s gum*, Rotary Yought Exchange Florida (district 6990)*, Van’s waffles*, Pinecrest Miami

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Reading Habits Tag

BoekenOn a couple of different blogs i came across this Reading Habits tag. Super fun for a booklover and since i’m in a reading flow i thought it would be fun to answer the questions!

1. Do you have a special place in your house where you love to read?
I love to read lying in bed or sitting in a nice chair. Curled up under a comforter or a blanket. Which bed or chair it is doesn’t really matter. As long it’s nice and cosy. O and the hammock on my aunt J’s balcony is heavenly.

2. Do you use a bookmarker or a regular piece of paper?
Honestly i don’t often, well you can better say hardly ever read a paper book anymore. But if i do read an actual book, i use whatever is around me. That can be a bookmaker, a postcard or a piece of paper.

3. Can you stop reading whenever you like or do you have to stop at a specific page or chapter?
Preferably i stop at the end of the chapter. But that doesn’t always happen. When i’m in bed at night and i’m tired i do sometimes have stop in the middle. But drawback to that is that when i start again i have to go back to the beginning of the chapter otherwise i have no clue what’s it’s about. Weird right?!

4. Eating or drinking during reading?
No not really. I’m too busy for that haha. 

5. Can you listen to music or watch tv when reading?
Reading is the best in silence. But it’s no problem to me when the tv is on in the background. I easily get lost in a good book. Music is a big no go for me. I love music, but it’s too distracting. And that’s not only during reading, also when i did (do) homework or when writing blogposts.

6. Reading one book at a time or more at the same time?
I’m afraid that if i read more than one book at a time, i lose track. I’m a one book at a time kinda girl!

7. Reading at home or somewhere else?
I can read where i want. At home, on the train, in the park or at a busy pool, i don’t care.

8. Reading out loud or in my head?
Sometimes i catch myself softly reading to myself. But that only happens when i’m reading an English book and only in the beginning of the book. I think my brain needs that language switch thing haha.  

9. Look through or skip pages?
That is such a shame if you do that, but unfortunately i had to do it a couple of times. I was reading the ‘fifty shades*’ series and after sex scene number ‘i don’t know how many’ i thought to myself jea jea i know, skip! 

10. Bend the side of a book or keeping it new and nice?
I don’t mind it if the side of a book is bend. I love books that have wear and tear marks from reading, folded pages not so much.

11. Do you write in books?
Except when i write down from who and when i got the book no pen or pencil will come close to a book. In have seen that someone had made notes in a library book and there even was one that would underline the spellings mistakes and who wrote the correct spelling in the margin. Who does that!?! 

Well these are my reading habits, not very strange i think. Do you have any reading habits that are a bit odd?


Let It All Go

What music can do with your mood looks somewhat like magic to me. One moment you can be a bit down, but when that one song is being played on the radio, in your playlist or on your tv you can be dancing around the room. Or it can make you relive that special moment, bring a big smile to your face or make you shed a tear (or two).

Here are some songs that ‘move’ me. Teske makes me sway my hips around the room, i ‘sing’ out load with my guilty pleasure Justin B. and Birdy & Rhodes make me think a bit more about life.

I hope you will enjoy these songs as much as i do!!!

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The Great Bake Off


Ik ben gek op taart, cake, koekjes en al van dat lekkers. Het is dan ook eigenlijk wel gek dat ik het programma Heel Holland Bakt (of de originele versie The Greay British Bake Off) nog nooit heb gezien.  Veel over het programma gehoord maar nooit echt de zin of behoefte gehad om er voor te gaan zitten. Maar toen ik via fb de aankondiging van het nieuwe HHB seizoen zag en ook nog bleek dat een bekende (Joris) mee ging doen, wist ik dat ik dit jaar echt een poging tot kijken ging doen. In mijn agenda had ik op 6 september een klein stickertje geplakt en #hhb erbij gezet.

GHHisteren was het dus zover en zat ik om 21 uur klaar. Op de bank met een bakje thee en een stukje appeltaart, van de supermarkt dat dan weer wel.  En eigenlijk was ik vanaf het eerste moment hooked. Waarom heb ik dit programma niet eerder gezien?!? Dit is te gek! Heerlijke Hollandse kneuterigheid, leerzaam als je de tips ook daadwerkelijk onthoudt (nope not me) en die Martine Bijl is fán-tás-tisch! 

Helaas was Joris de eerste afvaller van dit seizoen. De jury was niet helemaal ‘ in awe’ van zijn vlaai, kokoskransjes en abraham. Dus in de volgende afleveringen niet meer genieten van zijn baksels en zijn humor. Maar dat betekent niet dat ik volgende week niet meer ga kijken. Ik zal wel moeten ben ik bang, want na 1 aflevering voel ik een nieuwe serie verslaving aankomen!  


Shop shop shop…

shoplog xenos action… Til you eventually drop!

Ja, nee, dat is toch echt niet mijn ding. Winkelen vind ik heus wel leuk, al doe ik het shoppen voor kleding het liefst òf online òf alleen en zo snel mogelijk. Broeken, rokjes, shirtjes uitzoeken, thuis passen en als het niet goed is weer terug brengen. Waarschijnlijk tijdrovender inderdaad maar ik heb het er graag voor over.

Wat ik wel leuk vind om te shoppen is stationary. Schriften, pennen, stickers, whasi tape, you name anything stationary & i love it. En laat ik afgelopen de week toevallig wat stationary dingen geshopt hebben bij de Action en de Xenos.

En zo is mijn eerste shoplog geboren!

PicMonkey Collage1De buit bestond uit 2 pakken pennen (de well known blauwe Bic pennen en gel rollerpennen), een notitieblokje, vellen met stickers en washi tapjes. Allemaal leuke dingetjes om mijn agenda mee op te leuken. Wat ik bij de Action ook nog heb meegenomen is het mandje dat je ziet op de eerste foto. In mijn ogen een echt knock-off designer mandje.PicMonkey Collage2

Het is, zoals je ziet, geen grote shoplog geworden, maar wie het kleine niet eert… Afijn you get my drift. Al zit ik nu wel te denken dat ik het ook wel had kunnen filmen. Misschien een volgende keer…

Memory Lane, Personal

The Cat & the Stroller

me & minne

Werkelijk waar er zijn op de wereld een buttload of grappige, rare en soms hele vreemde feestdagen. Feestdagen waarbij ik af en toe denk What??? (in een Minion stem), wie heeft dat verzonnen? Vandaag (16aug) is het bijvoorbeeld Rollercoaster day, Airborn day, Tell a Joke day en Wave at Surveilance day. Yup told ya, weird stuff!

Vorige week zaterdag (8 aug) was het International Cat day. Een hele dag speciaal voor de katten. Een dag die ik dan wel weer leuk vind, ik houd van katten. Mocht het zo zijn dat ik voor de rest van mijn leven single blijf, dan kan je er donder op zeggen dat ik in een crazy old cat lady zal veranderen!

Mijn liefde voor katten is wat mij betreft begonnen met Minne, de rode kater die we kregen toen ik 3,5 was. Minne was echt míjn kat. Hij sliep bijna altijd bij mij, was soms leuker dan mijn babypop om mee te spelen en hij liet zich door mij overal mee naar toe slepen. Ja net als in het filmpje(zie het filmpje hieronder)* dat mijn tante op mijn fb wall poste. Hoe vaak zijn Minne en ik niet een blokje om geweest terwijl hij rustig in de poppenwagen bleef liggen.

Minne is overleden in ’99 op de respectabele leeftijd van 18 jaar. Gelukkig heeft al mijn gezeul dus niet al te veel schade aangericht…